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We are but men. ROCK.

Best laughs from an animation in a while.

Your sticks were extremely thin, the background graphics of cs_militia were sometimes unrecognizable. But suprisingly none of that put me off, you've created a great comedy and a brilliant CS parody. Loved the humor and ideas.

The hacker and rogue terrorists were amusing. Thought the script was neatly written out and the whole movie flowed along nicely.

Although I'd recommend working with the graphics and animation, as it's probably the only thing keeping your score low. Aside from that, a very entertaining piece of Flash.

Swiftdeath-PhattyG responds:

Counter-Strike Round 3 Part 2 is out! Find it here:


Thanks for your comment. I tried to model a lot of the graphics off CS 1.6, so it wasn't made to look like a masterpiece on purpose. Not to mention, that would take a really long time.

Very Cool.

A little too sloppy (the characters) for my taste, but yet another great animation heading for the Daily Feature. Good choice of locations and some good ideas involved.

Although I was disappointed at how the 3D camera animation lost it's touch as the movie progressed, the first scene was the best in my opinion -- good camera, nice moves, and it got me into the movie right away. The piano intro sequence was pretty neat as well.

Overall the animation was good throughout, its just the style of the characters that I didn't like, just not my style. Not your fault, no harsh comments.

Maybe I'd like to see a sequel, new ideas, but only if you've got enough. All in all, cool.


Not a masterpiece.

But a highly entertaining segment of art. The music artists did a great job with the gunshot sounds, although its a shame they didn't use all of the CS sound effects, thus made the music slightly repetitive, and we were really listening to almost the same gunshots the whole time.

The sounds with the M249 Para impressed me the most, I thought it was a drum at one point. The supressed weapon effects mixed well with each other, over and under the MP5 shots.

Overall this is a kickass project, and I congradulate all who took part in making this. Aced.

StealthBeast responds:

thanks for the str8 10s and thanks for the review!

Best of the 3.

I have to say that I enjoyed this the most out of the 3, you did a great job with the choice of music and the scene work, although the Schindler's List soundtrack during the credits didn't seem to fit as nicely.

Simple storyline, yet entertaining, full marks for that.

You've got the potential to animate tearjerking animations, I'd just like to see something longer and character-rich.

2 Thumbs up.

Not a masterpiece.

But a very entertaining segment of artwork. For your second animation I'd say you've got a lot of potential and understanding of Flash already. I've animated and viewed plenty of pointless war animations but this was outstanding.

Some of you will probably think I'm exaggerating. But through your work I've noticed many simple yet extremely effective techniques used.

Keep it up, you're going places.

Fishtankdude58 responds:

Wow wow wow wow wow coming from you tough luck! wow that gives me more inspiration then ever. You inspired me to do these movies no lie man. I loved all your war flashes there very entertaining. Someday i hope to be as good as you. thnx for the review man.

Gettin' better every time.

Comparing this to your first attempts at non-stick work, I see a huge improvement both movement and graphic wise.

Keep up the good work.

Kickass job.

Nice artwork, great soundtrack and a good movie we'll be waiting for.

s0undatr0n responds:

Thanks a bunch, TL. Can't wait to see what YOU make next either...

Film Noir.

I enjoyed every second of it, the black on white and white on black contrast was beautiful and looked just like Sin City. Although you chose the soundtrack by the Cranberries, which I like as well, I thought it would be more effective if you used the actual Sin City soundtrack.

That picture of Dwight looked just like the real thing.

Awesome animation you've created and you've earnt what it deserves.

Simply Amazing.

An awesome way for children to learn about puberty. Some terrific voice actors and animation skills applied in this movie, thus you've got my 10s and 5s with everyone else.

Rock on.

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